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The 2011 year’s programme of defo, defo design nyelviskola (defo design school) has ended. During the three months, 50 professionals have participated in ten seminars. The discussions have focused on new design tendencies as well as different successful service projects. The closing event has taken place in the fantastic space of the piarists’ renovated building.

The awareness-raising platform of defo was born for creating a space where professionals representing different design fields can cooperate. During the design process defo efficiently connects the creative fields with business, and it also brings design specialists, innovative partner companies and customers together to give them an opportunity to create new, joint values together.

defo design school directed by architect Dóra Fónagy came to existence in order to start a mutual way of thinking and to build a network of contacts that is essential for joint creation on a broader professional spectrum. It has also generated fresh impulses that make further cooperations possible for both lecturers and students.

Seminars and Atelier Programmes with 50 Professionals

During the three months, 50 lecturers introduced the different phases of design tenders and discussed many special topics related to the current position of Hungarian design. Lecturers were the representatives of professional partners or designers of Artonic, ArchandArt, Napur Architect, Palffy Architects, Tanos és Vonnák Architects Studio and t2a Architects, or arrived from universities such as BME, MOME, MKE, BKF and the Pollack Mihály Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology. 30 young architects, interior architects, decorator, communication professionals, art historians and young people representing other fields participated in two atelier workshops that run parallelly to the seminars. 12 architect coordinators and professionals representing different fields supported the 5-member groups – based on determined topics – during the workshops of the Atelier Programme Planning and the Atelier Design-Innovation.

Design Event

At the end of the semester defo announced a call for its students whose presentations and valuations took place in front of 200 hundred design professionals in the fantastic space of the piarists’ renovated building. A Swedish contemporary dance film, The Rain was screened afterwards for the first time in Hungary; after the screening László Puczkó had a conversation with Magdalena Walz, the art director of the film. The event ended with ZOLTAN+’s light, summer party.

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